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Christin Pulver Coffin

Gray is the New White

Are you trying to decide what color to paint your kitchen cabinets? According to HGTV, "the kitchen industry's leading manufacturers say that while white cabinets continue to be tops, gray is the shade they're betting on to break white's top spot."

Fresh Hues for Sinks

According to HGTV, "like kitchen cabinets, sinks are trending away from basic white or stainless steel. A colorful sink is a great way to pop in a small amount of color in a neutral kitchen or make it more of a focal point by using the same hue in the backsplash."

Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

If you're like me, there never seems to be enough room to put things in the kitchen! HGTV agrees that "kitchen storage is always an issue, especially for apartment dwellers or any homeowner whose kitchen is short on space. To remedy this, manufacturers are doubling up storage in new, custom kitchens with clever multi-tiered drawers."